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Mary Khalil, a loving wife, has written her late ex-husband, Imad Khalil’s biography to honor his living memory. The author of $2000 per month, Mary Khalil, is a leading example of a loving and devoted wife and a caring mother. Throughout her marital life, she proved herself to be the best partner and mother ever. She spent worth-sharing and quality time with her husband. Even after her husband, Imad’s death, she rejoiced in his memories in the form of her book.

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$2000 Per Month

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The title of the book is really sentimental. Mary had developed a severe alcohol addiction and could not manage her finances. Imad used to manage Mary’s finances as he knew she was an alcoholic. If he had paid her a stipend without considering the possibility that she would use it all up, she would have wasted the money without anything in return. So, to ensure that Marry didn’t become homeless, Imad used to continue to pay her rent. He never failed to give her the amount on a monthly basis. This gesture of Imad held great value in Mary’s heart and soul, and they got married. This book also covers their relationship as a whole, the level of happiness they found in each other’s companionship and how Mary feels right now, knowing that Imad is not alive.

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